Residential 24V operator for gates of up to 150 kg in weight, able to integrate completely within the jambs of swing gates. Disappearing completely, it enables keeping the look of the gates “clean” while remaining a fundamental element of operational performance. The Hide range includes an entire outfit of accessories needed to install the gate completely, such as the top and bottom hinges.


Its cylindrical shape of maximum outside diameter 80mm allows it to be installed rapidly in the jamb of the leaf. The pre-wiring enables fast, user-friendly electrical connection to the control unit.

Hide SW is able to withstand the most severe weather conditions and wind, allowing operation even of solid gates equal to 3m² at up to 120 km/h (class 2, EN13241).

The LIBRA CB HIDE control unit is able to optimize the operator functions, allowing separate management of the motors in the times for working, torque control and slowing down, calibrating to the actual needs thanks to the built-in “D-Track” function.