Just 13 cm thick, the TIZIANO is one of the most compact operators on the market and can be installed in any architectural context. With the radio receiver incorporated in the control unit, the TIZIANO can store the codes of as many as 10 MITTO or KLEIO series remote controls and/or wireless control systems such as RB or T-BOX.


Anti-break-in blocking system: The exclusive rail-carriage system allows the door to be locked in the closed position even after emergency manual closing.

D-TRACK: Safety first. This is the basic principle behind all BFT operators, and therefore also the TIZIANO. In fact, the intelligent D-Track movement control system enables the microprocessor to know the exact position and speed of the door at any time, thus guaranteeing absolute perfection in movement, the safest and most reliable anti-crushing system on the market, and automatic adaptation to weather conditions and door wear.

Encoder limit switches: Encoder and D-Track combined in a single operator. The technological level and reliability of the system have made it possible to do away with external stops while still guaranteeing maximum door stopping and positioning precision.